Final Video

This is our final edit of Restrained.

Link to video

As a group we were not confident in getting the top level which we were aiming for so we decided to make a few changes.

These are the changes which have been made from the last edit to this one:

We firstly changed the font for the title, we got positive feedback on our titles from our target audience but as you can see the new font is a lot better and matches the atmosphere which we are going for. We also decided to move the title to the middle of the title sequence as this follows conventions of a thriller title sequence.

Before:                                                                   After:

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 17.52.47.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-20 at 19.35.37.png

We got a comment on the continuity error that the sound across the clips don’t flow so we detached the song from the clip and duplicated it so it plays for longer. We also add a blur/fade effect so it fits together better.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 17.56.39.png

Lastly we decided to add sound at the end as we didn’t have any, we firstly believed that having no sound would add mystery but now realise that it just looses the tension, theres a build up to nothing. So we added her scream and a high pitch ringing at the end of the sequence.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 17.56.51.png



Group Evaluation

Overall I would say we worked really well as a group with only a little bit of friction but we overcame it in order to get through this process at our best ability.

During the planning process of our continuity task some members of my group had trouble with time management and didn’t complete the script so I took it upon myself to complete this part of the planning as I knew it was an essential part of our documents. However by the main task the acquired person made the script, I was really happy with the development made from each task. It was still a long process to get all the planning documents together and they still weren’t all completed in time but after making this mistake in the first task I knew they’d get it done, I put my trust in them to do it. As a group we all improved on our time management to ensure we met the deadlines in place.

On the day of filming we all showed up on time and brought the props and equipment which we were assigned to, we worked well together and bounced ideas off each other. We are all good listeners and all opinions were considered and voted upon. This was a big jump from the preliminary task where we allowed the director to make all the decisions and the rest of the group just followed everything she said, the title sequence is a combination of all our ideas together.

Third Edit

This is the third edit of our title sequence, Restrained.


These are the differences made from the second edit to this one. The first thing I did was cut the text so that each piece didn’t fade out before moving onto the next clip, it makes it more dramatic and tense. I also trimmed the end of the last clip so that the hammer doesn’t go down, it leaves the audience to question what happens next. This was mostly about tightening the edit.

I also added Jack and I’s name into the titles, I wasn’t sure what place would be best to add this in but I think it now works well, we will see what our target audience thinks after a focus group, this may still not be the final edit.Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 17.49.55.png

Lastly, sound, I added sound effects when the male character first enters and when the hammer is first seen, it adds a dramatic feel to the title sequence. It allows an audience to realise the danger the girl is in.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 17.49.00.png

I also tidied up the edit a bit more by trimming a few clips and moving clips around, I am now excited to see what people think of the new edit.

Responce for our focus group:

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 17.40.04.png

Even from the first question we are already seeing that people prefer this edit to the previous one. Its important that we have several edits and get feedback for each one, now we are on our third edit we have been able to improve it a lot.


Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 17.41.38.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-27 at 17.41.47.png

Our elements seem to all  be very equal, theres nothing in particular that we need to focus on in order to improve it.


Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 17.41.56.png

A few people didn’t like the font but the majority did so, as a group, we decided to keep the same one. Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 17.40.31.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-27 at 17.40.19.png

As you can see we got a lot of positive feedback, I am really happy with the outcome of our video, there are now only a few minor changes which have to be made.

Second Edit

After getting feedback for our first draft we knew where we needed to improve so I decided to do some editing to make some improvements.

The first thing we did was change the sound effect at the end of the title sequence. We got a lot of comments that the sound effect didn’t sound at all realistic and ruined the overall affect of the title sequence, it eliminated any suspense from a viewer. My group and I decided to take out the sound effect completely and I think this works really well.

Following this the main difference is the titles, I did a lot of research on the order of the titles and I ensured that I stuck to the most common order. I really like the font of the text as it works well to reflect the title sequence as a whole.

This may be the second edit but its most definitely not the last. After getting feedback for this version of the title sequence we have discovered even more ways in which we can improve.


Web 2.0

Something I have recently been interested in is looking at how media has changed and how these changes have affected big businesses as well as the way we all live. Web 2.0 is the development of social media and the choices we all have individually, for example, with web 2.0 we are able to decide what we want to watch whenever we want rather than there being a set time for each tv show. Big media companies have a lot less control over what the public are seeing. Before web 2.0 we had to watch tv at a set time and the web was mostly just simple text before social media platforms were developed, now we are all able to voice our own opinions and get popular without having to be a part of a big media platform.

In addition to this we are now creating the media, youtube content creators have their audiences hooked and get famous very quickly, we can all create our own media very easily and put it on youtube with the click of the button. Big media companies are now not getting much money as tv shows and films can be downloaded illegally or be watched for a lot cheaper. As well as this shops like Woolworths, a massive popular shop, gets shut down because companies like Amazon get replaced by them as a website is a lot cheaper to run than a shop. Woolworths had to pay for the shop, employees, etc. Whereas Amazon just need to keep their website going and to deliver the items, it cuts out a big part of sale. It is also a lot more popular as the customer doesn’t actually have to go anywhere, everything they need is at the click of the button.


Its interesting looking at this as it has opened my eyes to how our lives are constantly changing and how the decisions we make are put more into our hands rather than someone else’s.

Sound Effects

In our title sequence we recorded the sound of a hammer hitting a tree but this was not very realistic. I am now going to do some research in order to find out how to record sounds properly and what works best to make it sound like she is actually being hit by a hammer – the sound in our draft makes the audience loose any tension they may have had when watching it as its so unrealistic.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 15.28.24.png

This is a website I found which gives some advice of the sound of someone getting a blow to the head.


I have actually heard about the watermelon before and its definitely something we can consider doing in order to get the sound effect a lot more realistic. I had a look at videos where melons are being smashed just to hear what it sounds like and I have found that it does actually sound a lot better that what we currently have – I think we will definitely try and do this to get a better sound effect.


Molly, the producer, brought a watermelon and went out and tried this herself however it was very tiring and she had a cold so her heavy breathing is what we can mostly hear in the clip – it was very amusing but unfortunately we can’t use this.

Order of Titles

We have yet to add our titles to our title sequence – its in the name so obviously it is very important. I thought it would be a good idea to research the order that we need to put our titles in.

This is the traditional order of titles in a title sequence:

  1. The name of the studio which is distributing the film
  2. The name of the producer – ours will say ‘A Molly Tricker Production”
  3. Directors name – ‘A Film by Olivia’
  4. ‘Starring Sophie Kirk’ – Actors name
  5. The title ‘Restrained’
  6. DOP Jack Biddle
  7. Edited by Isobel Evans

These are the titles that we will definitely be including in our title sequence but I have just discovered that you can also include so many more than this.

For example, Casting, production designer, Costume and makeup. These are all things we can include if we have the space for it in our title sequence, Olivia spent a lot of time on the makeup so I think it should definitely get recognition and be included.

A title sequence, I thought, traditionally put the title of the film at the end but after watching the title sequence for Seven I discovered that the title actually works well in the middle of the title sequence. This is the order we are going to use.


Me and my group decided to make a quick first draft just to see what our clips will look like when put together. We still have other shots to add, as well as titles, so it is definitely not finished however its great to see our initial ideas finally getting put together.

We are going to do a focus group of our first draft in order to get feedback and see what our target audience thinks of our first edit.


This is the feedback that we got for our first draft.


Im really happy with the responses we got and the reactions to our first edit – it was a very valuable session to get our first pieces of feedback and improvements. Some positive feedback we got was that the music we used went really well with the title sequence, we also used a wide range of shots.

To improve we are going to need more closeups as this was one of the least used shot types and would increase the tension of our title sequence which is essential in the thriller genre. It was also mentioned that some of the shots are held for too long, we need to shorten them to increase the pace, for example the second shot of the goosebumps takes a while before actually moving up her arm. Another piece of feedback we got was the sound affects, at the end of the title sequence we have the sound of the hammer hitting her head but it doesn’t sound very realistic, we need to do some research in order to find out what sound would be most affective. The sound is currently one we recorded of a hammer hitting a tree but maybe it would be better to do some research of how to make the sound more realistic.




Me and my group met at our previously planned location on the 28th January to film our title sequence. This was a Saturday so we allowed ourselves the whole day to get all the filming done. In the preliminary task we started filming just as the sun was setting which resulted in different lighting throughout the video, we didn’t want to make the same mistake twice.


Filming went really well and everyone fits into their rolls exactly as they should, we work really well together when filming. As the editor I don’t have a massive role in filming but I taught Jack how to use the tripod and it was my role to check the story board and shotlist to ensure we were getting all the shots we need. I was really impressed with the actor as she went to great lengths to fit into her role.


Filming went really successfully and we were all really happy with the shots we got and what we were able to acheive. I hope we are still happy when putting the different clips together.

Olivia, who is also the director, is talented in special FX makeup so she and the actor met up previously to do her makeup, it looked really good and I was really impressed with the effort she obviously put into her face and outfit.


It was my job to bring some props and the tripod. The tripod was really helpful, we previously decided to not use a tripod in our continuity task but we regretted it when watching the clips back after. This time I ensured we had a tripod and everyone was happy with how much better the clips are.

Overall filming went really well, although extremely cold and quite creepy in the woods I think it was definitely worth it for the outcome, I’m excited to sit down and edit.